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PSPD    People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy

  • Civil-Political
  • 2011.02.28
  • 2717
2011 Spring
Civil Academy of PSPD

<An Open Lecture>

"Cho Kuk Talks about the Future of Korea" by Prof. Cho Kuk (Seoul National University)
19:00-21:00, Thursday, March 3

<Democracy School>

"7 Kinds of Misunderstandings and Truth about the Welfare State"
(19:00-21:30, every Monday, March 14 ~ May 02 (8 times))

Is a Welfare State a Leftist Policy? (Shin Kwang-young)
Is Korea a Welfare State?  (Kim Yeon-myung)
Does Big Government of a Welfare State Cause Inefficiency? (Shin Kwang-young)
Is a Welfare State on the Decline? (Yang Jae-jin)
Does a Welfare State Cause Moral Hazard? (Shin Kwang-young)
Is the Virtuous Circle of Welfare and Growth Impossible? (Lee Jung-woo)
Is Universal Welfare an Irresponsible Cliam? (Yoon Hong-sik)
A Welfare State We Should Aim for (Shin Kwang-young) 

"Today and Future of the Middle East and the North Africa"
 -Journalist Koo Jeongeun 's View

(19:00-21:00, every Tuesday, April 06 ~ April 26 (4 times), w/Ahn Joo-sik)

Realtiy of the Middle East and the North Africa and the Meaning of the Jasmine Revolution
Two Key Words in the Modern History of the Middle East and the North Africa - Oil & America
Where is the Middle East and the North Africa Going after Revolution?
Revolution of the Middle East and the North Africa and the Role of Korean Society

"Unknown History of Democracy in Asia"
(19:00-21:30, every Monday, May 23 ~ June 27 (5 times))

Why Bangkok Was Covered by the Red and Yellow Shirts (Jung Moon-tae)
Desire for Democracy and Oblivion in the Philippines (Kim Dong-yeop)
Is Indonesia Leading Democracy in Southeast Asia? (Jeon Je-sung)
Is the Spring of Democracy Coming to Myanmar? (Jang Jun-young)
The Way South Korea Communicates with Asia (Lee Jae-hyun)

<School of Humanities>

"Seoul, Humanities of a City and Space"
(19:00-21:30, every Tuesday, March 08 ~ April 26 (10 times including 2 times of a field trip))

From Selection to Establishment: Seoul, a Historic City of 600 Years (Jun Woo-yong)
Meeting of Tradition and Civilization: Changes in Seoul during the Port-Opening Period (Jun Woo-yong)
Empire and City: Space Study in a Colonial City, Kyungsung(Seoul) (Kim Baek-young)
From Kyungsung to the Great Kyungsung: Society and Culture in Colonial Modern Times  (Kim Baek-young)
War and City: Changes in Seoul after the Korean War (Ahn Chang-mo)
Field Trip #1 The Korean Empire, the Deoksugung(palace) and Jeongdong (Ahn Chang-mo)
Growth and Expansion: 'The Miracle of Han River' and Change of Urban Structure (Ahn Chang-mo)
Urban Space of Seoul in Popular Songs (Lee Young-mi)
Field trip #2 Colonial Capitalism and Scene of Modern Seoul (Ahn Chang-mo)
Political Economics of Seoul as a World City (Im Dong-geun)
* Field trips will be conducted from 14:00 to 17:00 on Sunday.

"Re-reading the History Textbooks with Writers Ⅰ"
(19:00-21:30, every Wednesday, March 09~May 18 (11 times))

How Was the Korean History Textbook Made  (Joo Jin-oh)
The Origin of Koreans and Korean History (JeonDeok-jae)
How was the Three States developed to the Ancient States? (JeonDeok-jae)
Goryeo, the Age of War and Aristocrat (Kim In-ho)
A Dream and the Reality of people who made Joseon Dynasty (Kim In-ho)
The Beginning of Changes in the latter period of Joseon Danasty (Joo Jin-oh)
A Country HeungseonDaewongun Dreamed (Joo Jin-oh)
Joseon Went with the World Order (Joo Jin-oh)
The New Movement Appeared in the Crisis of Disseisin (Joo Jin-oh)
Efforts for the Modern Nation-State (Joo Jin-oh)
How have the Modern Times Approached Us? (Joo Jin-oh)

"Humanities of Eros"
(19:00-21:30, every Thursday, March 10~April 29 (9 times))

Pleasure and Pain, Affluence and Poverty: Dualism of Eros (Kim Yoong-hee)
False Image of Romantic Love and an Alternative (Kim Yoong-hee)
A Portrait of Eros in Korean Society (Kim Chan-ho)
Opening and Closure of Sexual Desire: Psychoanalytic Perspective (Cho Kwang-je)
Roots and Structure of Sexual Desire: Phenomenologic Perspective (Cho Kwang-je)
Aesthetics of Gaze and Absorption: Sex and Meditation (Lee Jae-hyung)
Oriental Sexual Medicine, from Consumption of Energy to Charging (Lee Jae-hyung)
Man and Woman, Can they Meet Each Other Newly (Kim Chan-ho)
[Workshop] The Critical Principles of Self-Healing and How to Practice them (Lee Jae-hyung)
* The workshop is on Friday.

<Classic Seminar>

"The Birth of the Modern Subject - Reading 19th century British Novels" Cho Sun-jung
(19:00-21:30, every Wednesday, May 25~June 22 (5 times))

Standard Procedure of Love: <Pride and Prejudice> by Jane Austen
Civilization and Dissatisfaction: <Wuthering Heights> by Emily Bronte
Breakdown of Family: <Jane Eyre> by Charlotte Bronte
The Economics of Success: <Great Expectations> by Charles Dickens
The World without Growth: <The Mill on the Floss> by George Eliot

<Life and Culture>

"The Mind of Korean seen through Psychology" Kim Tae-hyung
(19:00-21:30, every Tuesday, May 17~June 21 (6 times))

The Mind of Korean, where is it flowing?
How to get out of the way to co-destruction
Have you done your life homework given by parents?
A spot of Mother and Father: based on case studies
How does my personality affect my life?
The way to be a master of life and society

"Time Travel with popular songs - How much do you know about C'est Si Bon" Lee Young-mi
(19:00-21:30, every Thursday, May 12~June 9 (5 times))

Why Do We Have to "Read" Popular Songs?
Trot, Sorrow and the Way of Thinking in the Colonial Modern Times
Folk Song, Completion and Reflection of Modern Times
Dance Music and Rock, Hope and Despair of Post-Modern Times
Listening to Popular Songs together Here Right Now

"KoGyung-il and Kim Bu-il's Drawing Seoul - Finding Joyful World in the Alley"
(10:00-13:00, every Saturday, March 19~June 11 (12 times))

What is the Drawing?
Landscape and the Law of Perspective
Location Drawing and Colors
Baekbeom Kim Gu's Residence, the Gyunggyojang
Seodaemun Prison
Demolished Town on Aeogae Hill
Drawing to Liberate Me
Apartments in Hoehyeon-dong
The Unhyeongung(palace) of King Gojong and HeungseonDaewongun
Town of Ordinary People, Oksu-dong 500
Architectural Style of Ming Dynasty, the Dongmyo in Sungin-dong
An Exotic World, the Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery
* It is a field-oriented session.

"Enjoying Ukulele Class" JeongGwang-gyo
(19:30-21:00, every Monday, (5 times))

Beginning Level (6th term) March 14~April 11
Intermediate Level (1st term) April 25~May 30

<Good Morning Seminar>

"Meeting the Story of Gods on the Road of Life Journey" Kim Yoong-hee
(10:00-12:30, every Tuesday, April 5~May 31 (8 times))

The Question of God at the Crossroads
Crossing the Threshold of Dream
Transformation of God, Human and Animals
Encountering Monsters in the Labyrinth of Life
Underground Travel of Goddess of Love
A Snake and Cosmic Trees
The Holy Grail and a Lotus Ladder
Myth, the Road to an Gengeralness

"Lim Jong-jin's Photograph Class 2nd term - Giving Photos to Yourself"
(10:00-12:30, every Friday, March 18~May 27 (10 times))

About 'Seeing'
Photographic TheoryⅠ Your Own Knowing of Exposure
Photographic TheoryⅡ Your Own Knowing of Exposure
PracticeⅠExcitement of Looking through a Camera Frame for the First Time
PracticeⅡStepping into the World of Frame
Photo Review
Searching Objects with Your Own Feeling
Presentation of Personal Subject
Final Presentation of Personal SubjectⅠ
Final Presentation of Personal SubjectⅡ

[Workshop] The Body of Women, Wisdom of Women  LeeJeong-myeong
(10:30-13:00, every Thursday, March 3~April 21 (8 times))

Shoulders: The Weight of Life on the Shoulder
Breast: How to express love and sympathy
Face: Accepting 'Persona', the Social Mask
Spine: How to Fall down and stand up again
PelvisⅠ: Exploring Vital Relationship
PelvisⅡ: Enjoying Passion and Pleasure
Expression of Full-length Self-portrait
Dancing with Full-length Self-portrait
*It is just for women.

"Dream, Self-reflection and Healing" KoHye-kyung
(0:00-12:30, every Wednesday, March 23~May 25 (10 times))

Why Do We Dream? Ways and Techniques to Remember Dreams
The Key to Understand Dream: Association, Expansion and Animation
6 Kinds of Hints for Dream and the Structure of Dream
Symbolic Meaning of Death and Sex in Dream
Dark and Threatening Man, Disruptive and Seductive Woman
The Most Common Prototypical Meaning of Dream
The Dream of Injured Animals
How to work with Different Dreams Dreamed over One night
Long-termed Observation of Dream and Evolution of Dream
Solving Problems through Dream

translated by volunteer Kim Jiyeon
*You can be a volunteer for PSPD. (t3@pspd.org)
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