Online Conference : Building our Movements & Impacting NPT Review Conference



Peace & Planet Online International Conference


Peace & Planet Online International Conference

Building our Movements & Impacting the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference

10 am New York, 3 pm London, 4 pm Berlin, 6 pm Moscow, 11 pm Beijing, 12 pm Tokyo & Seoul


▶ For Booklet of the Conference’s Speech See Here


The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty came into effect in 1970 with the promise of creating a nuclear weapons free world. The nuclear powers have refused to fulfill their part of the bargain, leaving humanity hostage to accidents and miscalculations that could end civilization. Close to $100 billion of public funds are spent annually on nuclear weapons at the expense of urgent human needs and investment in common security. Without a strong multilateral commitment to nuclear disarmament, this will continue to rise. Beginning January 4, diplomats will converge on the U.N. with the ostensible goal of holding governments accountable to fulfill the Treaty’s promise. They cannot afford to fail.


With new nuclear arms races, confrontations over Taiwan, Ukraine, the South China Sea and Kashmir, the stakes for the Review Conference and the world couldn’t be higher. Yet, the bar that diplomats have set for a successful NPT Review Conference couldn’t be much lower.


To send a powerful message to the U.N. and to build our national and international abolition and peace movements, the Peace and Planet network has organized an online conference in which movement leaders and analysts will share their expectations for the Review Conference and spell out what our governments must do do to ensure full implementation of the Treaty.


Join this remarkable conference, whose speakers include:

Tarja Cronberg SIPRI (Finland), Maria Pia Devoto (Argentina), Sharon Dolev METO (Israel) Alexey Gromyko Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) Emad Kiyaei METO (Iran), Marion Kupker (Germany), Taeho Lee PSPD (South Korea), Fred Lubang, PCBLNISA (Philippines), Jasmine Owens (USA), Matthew Parks COSATU (South Africa), Liv Torres LO Union (Norway), Yayoi Tsuchida of Gensuikyo (Japan).


Peace & Planet Network Participating Organizations:

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security, Gensuikin, Gensuikyo, International Peace Bureau, International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, International Trade Union Confederation, Mouvement de la Paix, Peace Action, Peace Action New York State, Peoples Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Public Council of the South Coast of the Gulf of Finland, Stop the War Coalition Philippines, United for Peace & Justice, Western States Legal Foundation


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